Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi day

Happy π day!*
Adapting to my locale, I used mirabelles (illegal to import to the US!) and a toaster oven to celebrate. The severe limitations of my micro-kitchen and single pie dish mean that I was limited to one celebratory dessert, and not the usual half-dozen-plus-board-game-party.
Happy dessert! Celebrated on nerd forums everywhere. You may also be interested in these resources: (1) Sad that pi day is over? (2) Rant against pi day: Vi day.

This post's theme word is diktat, "an order or decree imposed without popular consent or upon a defeated party." The Gregorian calendar's vagaries of calculation and representation compel the diktat: pi day occurs on a bleak, cold day in March, when pie fruit is least available in the northern hemisphere.

*It is π day for places that write the date US-style: month/day/year. For European-style dates (day/month/year), π day either doesn't exist or will take place the 3rd of February, next year (which, after all, will be the 14th month of 2015, in a manner of reckoning). I also like Vi Hart's "Engineer's Pi Day" on 3/14/16... see you next year!

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